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Some families just can't get enough Marble Pursuit.
To play it is to love it. Read what Marble Pursuit players have to say about this incredible game.

“Marble Pursuit is a game of strategy. And it’s so addictive. When a player or team gets close to winning it becomes a “nail biting” experience”. From now on, any game that is not “nail biting” is too boring for me.”
     (Sharon Ralson – Palm Coast, Florida)

“After being introduced to Marble Pursuit by neighbors, we have become addicted to it. We now play it several times a week with neighbors, friends or by ourselves... And it’s a game for all age groups.”
     (Pat and Tom Hojnacki – Algonac, Michigan)

“Two thumbs up. It’s better than sex.”
     (Bob ______ *) No last name…he doesn’t want his wife to know.

“Thank you, Marble Pursuit. The family that plays together stays together.”
     (The Fishburn Family- Omaha, Nebraska)

“We’ve been playing the game for six straight weeks….and we haven’t lost our marbles, yet?
      (John and Denise Evers – Cincinnati, Ohio)

“We have actually made contact with our two teenage sons. They look forward to beating our butts each week”.
      (Mr. and Mrs. Clubfoot – Des Moines, Iowa)

“Sure….kids can play it….but Marble Pursuit is definitely not a kids game.”
     (John Jones – Philadelphia, PA)


Really cool Marble Pursuit stuff.
A really cool game like Marble Pursuit should have really cool
accessories. And it does. Look at these.

Personal Collection of Marbles.Marbles, Marbles…
Very Special Marbles.
We offer five different series of custom colorful marbles for the Marble Pursuit Game, all marbles are15mm. The unique series are: Shimmers, Animals, Spaghetti, Cat's Eye, and Universe. There are six different marbles per set, six of each set, total of 36 marbles per series. We include an extra marble per set. Please email or call us for more detailed description of the colors of each series of marbles, if interested. They are all very pretty.
Sale Price: $5.95 - $10.95 per series.

Leather Marble Bag  
Marble Pursuit Leather Bag
We offer a nice tan leather marble bag to hold all your marbles. The leather bag has a leather drawstring near the top, and holds up to 72 marbles. We are including it free with Our Collector's Edition Board Game, as an introductory offer for a limited time.
Sale Price: $6.95

Marble Pursuit Storage Blanket
We offer a custom fit, hand-made, storage blanket to store your game board into. The storage blanket is made from a strong Emerald Green material. This storage blanket and board can be stored inside the original box it comes with, or without the box, to keep the board clean, and not damaged in any way. Also, another nice feature of the storage blanket is it can hold all of the custom playing cards, and all of the marbles inside of it.


Imagine one night a week with no TV but actually having conversations with your kids and having fun together. Marble Pursuit Family Game Night is a great way to bring your family closer together. It creates quality fun time for you and your children. And there’s more to it than just hours of fun.

Once you and your friends or extended families have become professional Marble Pursuit players you are probably ready to start your own Marble Pursuit League or Marble Pursuit Tournament. Or both.

Marble Pursuit Game -
Premium Edition

• This two-sided game board is custom crafted in a 1/2" composite hardwood and comes in a dark rich wood finish.

• The Marble Pursuit Game Board weights 6 Lbs. and measures, 26.75" point to point and 23.5" flat edge to flat edge.

• This family game is for 2 to 6 people of all ages, and can be played by individuals or teams.

• Four decks of Custom Heavy Duty Jumbo Index Playing Cards, one Leather Marble Bag, two sets of Game Marbles (72 total), and a printed Game Rule Booklet is included.


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