Marble Pursuit - What a Blast!

Dellightul Games L.L.C. was formed by two retirees, Del & Jan Schroeder, in 2005. We are loving newlyweds that enjoy entertaining our family and friends. Del, is a retired automotive engineer. We created the first Marble Pursuit Board Game in our garage. All of our family and friends love playing the board game immensely, so we decided to market our Marble Pursuit Board Game and let everyone have a chance to get in on the fun. We spend our time together creating more new games that will be available soon. Jan has also created new products, such as the Razza Dazza Game, and The Marble Express pull train, that will be available in a few months. Our intent is to provide people with games to entertain their family and friends. The Marble Pursuit Board Game, will provide a day or evening of fun-filled enjoyment.

Our Mission
To provide people with high quality game products that stimulate, and challenge the mind, and also provide fun and excitement in the process.

Company History
Dellightful Games LLC is a newly formed company that was incorporated in 2005 in Warren, Michigan, by Del Schroeder and his wife, Janet Schroeder. Both Del and Jan are very creative and have a passion for entertaining their family and friends. Del and Jan worked hard to provide their company with quality workmanship with all their products. They take pride in selling all of their products.

Today, starting out as a newly formed game company, both Del and Jan have plans to go forward with many more new products that people will be very pleased with. Also, they plan to provide top notch customer service.

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